📷Sunday waiting whole day but still need to eat | 周日等了一整天但还是要吃😎(by @ace108)

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Sunday plan was to spend the day at the inlaws because we engaged someone to fix up the moldy ceiling in two bedrooms. The guy started work early in the morning at 9am. First, cleaning the mold before painting. It was a whole day of waiting. Watch a lot of youtube.
周日的计划是在岳父母家度过一天,因为请了人来修理两间卧室发霉的天花板。 这家伙早上九点就开始工作了。 首先,在涂漆前清洁霉才油漆。 这一等就是一整天。 观看大量 youtube。

Ordered food from a food stall near my home via food panda. Would had paid $20 for 4 bowls if I eat there but had to pay more than $22 even with a $5 voucher.
通过Food Panda从我家附近的食摊点了食物。 如果我在那里吃,我会花 20元吃 4 碗,但即使有 5元的礼券,也必须支付超过 22元。

The food came abou 20 minues later.

Pour the soup into my noodle and started eating.

Checking things out after lunch.

It was much better than before.

My wife decided to get My Box from Pizza Hut again.

I remembered to take pictures of the inside this time.

After the job is done.

All looking good but about $1K poorer but if money can resolve the issue, there is no issue.
一切看起来都不错,但户口少了大约 1000 元,但如果钱可以解决问题,那就不是问题了。

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  ·  21 days ago  ·  

I like the blue of your walls a lot ..now you need to buy an ozone machine to clean the air from molds otherwise it will come back.
I am wondering what these guys did , did they use special products or just cleaned and painted over ?
Mold is scary deadly.

  ·  18 days ago  ·  

They used something to clean the mold first and then they painted.
Hopefully, it does not come back soon but our humidity here is high mostly.