📷Pot stickers from Chinatown+ Video | 牛车水吃锅贴+ 视频😎(by @ace108)

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Went to Chinatown Complex for lunch not long ago. My colleagues decided to go for the Hawker Chan stall again.
不久前去牛车水大厦吃午餐。 我的同事决定再次了凡的摊位。

I went to another stall nearby which also had a long queue.

Bought a plate of pot stickers and a bowl of hot and sour noodle for $11.50.

The pot stickers (guo tie) looked and tatsed the good.

The noodle was OK too but I think I ate too much that day.
面条也不错,但我想我那天吃得太多了。 呵呵。

Here is a video I recorded.


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