📷Rainy Saturday activities | 雨天星期六-有麦必唱,有球必应😎(by @ace108)

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It rained on Saturday morning. I had to attend a talk at 10.30am. Rather than leaving early from taichi practice, I decided to skip it. After the talk, went to town central for simple lunch. I had a nasi goreng ikan bilis.
星期六早上下了雨。 我得在去听个上午 10.30 的演讲。 我决定缺席太极拳练习,不然就要早退。演讲结束后,前往市中心享用简单的午餐。 我吃了一份江鱼仔炒饭。

My wife had a mee goreng. Paid $10 for the two meals.
太太吃了一份炒面。 两盘食物花了10元。

I went to the club lounge to waste some time before playing pickleball. It was quite empty.
我去俱乐部休息室消磨了一些时间,然后才打匹克球。 里面很少人。

I started singing a few songs and rested before continued.

It rained again in the afternoon and the courts were wet.

I saw we have new equipment to dry the courts.

So we managed to play when it was about 5pm.

After playing, I went to Suntec City to meet my wife.

Had dinner at the Guild House. We shared a satay chicken pizza….
在国大协会会所吃晚餐。 我们分享了沙爹鸡肉披萨。。。

… and a chicken ngoh hiang.

[//]:# (!pinmapple 1.29210 lat 103.85378 long Singapore Recreation Club d3scr)
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