📷Breakfast for lunch and dinner from Coffee Bean + Video | 午餐和晚餐都是Coffee Bean的早餐+ 视频😎(by @ace108)

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Out for early lunch on Friday before noon to Coffee Bean because I wanted to get their breakfast.

Went in to order my food.

It's $8 per set but $10 for 2. Available for takeaway too. Paid 10 bucks for my order and waited.
每套 8 元,但 2 套 10 元。也可外卖。 支付了 10 元的订单并等了挺久。

It wasn't crowded inside.

I saw a robot coming back from its cutlery collection duty.

It took some time but I got my two breakfast which included two coffee which I decided to get one hot and one cold.

Went home and ate one sandwich. The other set is for my dinner.
回家吃了一个三明治。 另一套是我的晚餐。

Cheers! To the coffee.
干杯! 喝咖啡。

Here is a video I recorded.


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