📷One Two Eat Lunch & Gelato+ Video | 一二吃午餐和冰淇淋+ 视频😎(by @ace108)

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Was out to Bedok for meeting recently and went for lunch at a food court called "One Two Eat" at Heartbeat@Bedok
最近去勿洛开会,并在 Heartbeat@Bedok 的“One Two Eat”食阁吃午餐

Tight space as we walked about but many food stalls there and I decided to go to the Thai food stall.

The basil chicken rice cost $8.50 so not cheap but tasted OK. Not too spicy.
九层塔 鸡肉饭的价格是$8.50,所以不便宜,但味道还不错。 不太辣。

There was a gelato at a western stall. Lots of flavour there.
西式摊位上有冰淇淋。 那里有很多味道。

There were having opening promotion for $3.

I got a scoop of black sesame which they didn't labelled on the freezer correctly.

Here is a video I recorded.


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