📷Simple cai peng lunch on raining Thursday | 周四下雨,简单的菜饭午餐😎(by @ace108)

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Happy May Day. It's a holiday here in Singapore today. I was working from home last Thursday and it started raining heavily around lunch time.
劳动节快乐。 今天是新加坡的假期。 上周四我在家工作,午餐时间左右开始下大雨。

Still, I decided to go out for lunch.

Thank goodness for sheltered walkway.

I made it passed the Pizza Hut take out place.

Went to the cai peng stall. I used to call this economy rice but it isn't that economic nowadays and people have objection to calling it economy rice.
去了菜饭摊。 我以前称这种经济饭,但现在已经不那么经济了,有人反对称其为经济。

It still depends on what you order. As long you don’t get trick ordering some vegetables where they put some minced meat or fish cake and the dish gets counted as a meat item, them you are usually OK. I was happen with my $3.50 portion. See?
这仍然取决于您选的菜。 只要你不去点一些蔬菜,然后他们放一些肉碎鱼饼,并且这道菜被算作肉类食品,那么还可以。 我这顿就花了$3.50。 看到有啥?

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