The nuclear scam exposed

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I wrote a post recently about the nordstream pipeline fiasco and how we are moving now towards a world war which will be just like the others because nuclear weapons don't actually exist in the way we understand them. I backed up my claim with a video presentation by Galen Winsor in which he eats radioactive material to demonstrate how dangerous it isn't.

Galen Winsor describes his hands-on experience with used nuclear fuel and radioactive materials. He explains how the rules associated with his profession changed during the period from 1947-1982 and questions why those rules changed and who benefitted from the changes.

I realise now that Mr Winsor unlocks only one half of the puzzle and does not go into the subject of nuclear weapons.

Keen to learn more I asked an engineer friend (who is a truly amazing man with the answer to pretty much any question I can throw at him) his take on this subject. I asked him how it can be that nuclear weapons don't exist when there are people in the world who have evidently died from radiation poisoning?

His response can be seen here. Posted with permission.

"My take on this is as follows: Any radiation is "like a soundwave in the eather" (the stuff that does not exist according to mainstream particle bullshit science) of which light is just a tiny frequency band which is visible to the human eye.

What radiation truly is; is a transfer of ENERGY

The question if this energy can cause harm or not; and at what level depends on 3 parameters :
(2) AMOUNT of Energy

Laser light with which we cut 30mm thick steel in our factory is of a frequency that is totally harmless to our eyes or body… but what makes it able to cut steel and also cut through fingers is the FOCUS and the very high AMOUNT of energy (so at high focus and high energy AMOUNTS; any form of radiation (of any frequency level) can be harmful and most important parameter that determines the damage it can do is the ENERGY amount reaching a subject(in other words total amount of energy transferred to a subject; and if the subject cannot dissipate this energy at same rate as it receives the energy; the subject will get damaged).

Radio active materials found in nature are very low density emitters of energy and therefor are harmless. When specific isotopes (those that emit a lot of energy) are isolated through for example centrifuge process we get a material that emits a lot of energy and that material can be used to cook water produce steam and run a nuclear reactor.

And yes when our human body is exposed to these high intensity energy transferring materials we get the effect that our skins get cooked and fall off our bodies the same way a chicken in an oven behaves…. So yes sure that is a level of energy input that causes harm….

In my view it is as simple as that…

ARS symptoms (NVD) are simply caused by the same causes that always have caused it namely a disturbance of microbiome balance and or damage of the inner linings of the digestive system. And these things are always caused by “the terrain” ….what elements (toxic molecules) have entered the terrain to cause an imbalance; and yes a high level of energy radiation can be one of the causes….but for sure it never can be caused by radioactive dust from a nuclear explosion which are all just total fear porn creations…

By the way; the more I think about nuclear energy; I come to the conclusion that it is a huge hoax as well. Not that you cannot cook water with this highly condensed energy emitting material; but with the fact that it is a viable energy solution… My suspicion is that the energy amount consumed in the process of enrichment is much higher than what you get out again with the water boiling steam process to run a turbine… I ever read about uranium enrichment facilities in Iran and these are enormous; I would not be surprised if they are just using oil coal hydropower to produce enriched uranium for the world to keep world’s nuclear power stations (water boilers 🤣) up and running and keeping up the scare for these technologies while pointing at “dangerous regimes” Iran, North Korea, Russia who intend to use it for non-peaceful uses….🤣 again a brilliant hoax!"

So there you have it. I hope you can feel the truth in his answer as I can.

A closer look at Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Just as we are expected to believe in the awesome power of man's ingenuity sending people to the moon based on a single event and some grainy and easy to fake video footage, so too are we expected to believe in the awesome destructive power of nuclear weapons based on a single event along with sparse & faded film footage. It seems to me these two ideas (massively destructive weapons & space travel) were in fact concocted by the same mastermind with the same goal because they both boil down to a display of power designed to control us psychologically. Cue today's space force in which you can see a perfect merge of these two ideas.

As our only example from history of nuclear weapons being used against a civilian population we must turn now to Hiroshima & Nagasaki and ask ourselves what kind of bombs could have done this?

Massive Ordnance Air Blast bombs

I would say they were MOABs. Massive Ordnance Air Blast bombs or as some call them, Mother Of All Bombs. Sounds weird I know but you can check for yourself, they existed at that time and when they explode they look massive, just like a supposed nuclear explosion.

Here is a MOAB explosion in Yemen 2015.

Certainly a mushroom cloud can be seen forming, so if we were looking at a larger MOAB explosion who could really tell the difference between this and a supposed nuclear weapon?


I believe the infamous image above has been doctored to give the cloud the appearance of being much bigger. It is likely a composite of two images, a mushroom cloud placed on top of a conventional explosion. I was using dark rooms at the age of seven where I learned how to develop my own photographs so I can tell you with certainty this effect isn't difficult to achieve.

But what about the film footage? Well, even the highly censored YouTube permits us to know that film footage depicting mushroom clouds has been largely messed with over the years.

As a trained film-maker I can tell you that even back then it would not have been difficult to superimpose a second explosion over the top of the first, making the mushroom cloud look bigger than it was. And if you examine the film footage closely there is evidence to suggest this is exactly what they did.

The Hiroshima memorial peace museum responded to the above film with the following words:

We sincerely hope that every interested party could join us in conveying the destruction in an accurate way.

Indeed. You will see in just a moment why their carefully worded response is important.

How to destroy a city & create a myth

What about the pictures we've all seen showing the total devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?


The most likely explanation is that the US sent in their air force for a secret mission to carpet bomb those cities later the same day before taking their pictures and calling it the result of an atomic weapon.

Indeed, the similarity in appearance between this and other destructive moments in history is clear.


What about this shot of Tokyo after firebombing in 1945?


Another one here.


Not much different to the images we've seen of Hiroshima and Nagasaki right?

Genetic mutations

The other thing to consider here is how the above mentioned cities have been able to rebuild so successfully while enduring the radiation poisoning and subsequent genetic mutations we have been taught to expect after such explosions?

Here is a shot of Hiroshima today.


And Nagasaki.


Looks lovely. And yes, both cities seem pretty well recovered despite their supposedly dire situation.

What does google have to say about genetic mutations as a consequence of radioactive fallout?

Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 12.11.32.png

So shouldn't these cities be full of mutated people?

I was able to find this document entitled "Genetic Effects of the Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki" which concludes with the following statement.

Although there is every reason to infer that genetic effects can be produced and have been produced in man by atomic radiation, nevertheless the conference wishes to make it clear that it cannot guarantee significant results from this or any other study on the Japanese material. In contrast to laboratory data, this material is too much influenced by extraneous variables and too little adapted to disclosing genetic effects.

In other words, even the committee who were given the task of proving the connection between the nuclear bombs in Japan and subsequent genetic mutations were unable to do so successfully.

As I mentioned in my war post, the era of perpetual nuclear peace has conveniently created continuous conventional war, which is exactly what they want. Even the elite are not dumb enough to poison their own playground.


But having the ability to poison our minds with fear at any given moment is a very useful tool.

So the next time you hear a politician tell you "we are invading (insert country here) because they have nuclear capabilities" you can be sure they are lying.

Mind control starts at a young age

Don't know about you guys but I was bombarded in my school days with nuclear weapon propaganda and in no uncertain terms I was taught to fear the mushroom cloud.


At the age of nine my science teacher decided to teach us 'science' by showing us this British TV series depicting a fictional nuclear war.

In the final shot of the series they show the main character giving birth (some years after the nuclear war) to a severely deformed baby. Supposedly the result of radioactive fall-out.

Thinking about it I was completely traumatised by this subject and my first book, written at the age of ten, was the story of a child who had to experience the aftermath of a nuclear war while he journeyed home to find his mother after breaking out of his super strict boarding school.


(That's me in the middle)

Thankfully I can put this rubbish behind me now and I'm pretty sure I won't be having any mushroom cloud nightmares any more!

Final thoughts

Normally I wouldn't take the time to repost someone's private message to me but in this case I feel as if his words may bring comfort to some of the people here on blurt. Certainly, nuclear fall-out is the last of your worries right now. Better to tend to your vegetable garden and get your non-electrical heat source in place for the European winter. Which I believe will be a cold one this year. Aided wonderfully by the advertised power outages we will be experiencing.

I recommend this amazing invention if you don't have a fireplace and want to stop using gas:

It runs on methanol so you may also want to look at this one if you aim to achieve self sufficiency.

Yep, turns out all you need is wood or plant matter to create methanol.

And you can even convert your car to run on it!

Shame we don't have much wood or plant matter on planet Earth ;)


If you are looking for some further info on the nuclear hoax I recommend this conversation with Eric Dubay & LexJ.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Our experience of this world isn't much different to a puppet show.

They tell us when to laugh. They tell us when to cry. They tell us when to live. They tell us when to die.

And fear is the new religion!

Love & Light everyone 🌱

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Have some old 80ths propaganda .

I remember this one used to make me feel a bit sad ,.. didn't fear the bomb at all ... Why fear it my mother told me ,.. if not this to fear , there will be other things invented to fear ,. there is no need to go live a life in fear .

Seen the data now ,.. the info ,.. something is fishy about it indeed .

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Nice! I remember this one.

Catchy tune.

Crazy propaganda.

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Awesome post...nothing seems to freak believers out quite like telling them nukes are fictional!

Yeah right! Over on hive no one seemed interested in this one at all. Perhaps they prefer the drama of nuclear weapons?

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