My little Miss Philippines

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As I shared her that my daughter is now start to go to school, so there are some occasions/celebrations that she need to attend, like the UNITED NATIONS DAY, the school celebrates it and urge the kids to wear whatever country they want to represents.

That time I don't have costume for her, so I just borrow a filipiniana dress with my partners cousin, but my neighbor told me that her sister have a costume and maybe will fit with my daughter, because her daughter will used the following day, so I did not insist anymore.

Early morning after she fixed her daughter to go to school I ask her another favor to put some make up with my daughter and fix her hair too, and she did it, I dress her when we are at school because it rained and I don't want the costume to get dirty.

When we arrived at the school there are some kids already and they all dressed up, so I dressed my daughter too, and upon seeing my daughter they are all smiling and praises her so I was smiling also and of course proud of her.

The teacher organized a small program and contest for the kids and they had prizes too, and out of those kids my daughter really stands out because when she introduced herself she did not even shy and deliver it well and they all clap for her, she also stand out for the talent portion.




During the awarding, I had to leave her because I had some important things to do and her cousin assist her, and she receives a total of 3awards and she was very proud of herself and of course me too and the parents are keep praising her for being so smart.

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