Don't try to fix it, just move on.

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Experience is our excellent instructor is what the proverb and maximum of humans will attempt to inform you. As sensible because it sounds, I assume there may be a superb purpose for it, due to the fact maximum of the time we analyze from our experience, whether or not it's miles a success, a failure, or a mistake.

And this is the purpose additionally now no longer to attempt the error that we already made withinside the past. I apprehend that there can be instances while we would remorse the mistakes, or incorrect selections that we made withinside the past. But looking to repair it, is like boiling a stone in order that you'll be capable of consume it. It will in no way work, how difficult you do it, what number of sources you spend to do it.

All you could do, is analyze from it, try and make peace with it, and stay the lifestyles now that has been tormented by the ones mistakes. Try your excellent to make the excellent use of it, so you might not fall into the identical mistake withinside the future

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