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Women are always a focus of these people because women are the bearers of life. If you are a Luciferian then women are always viewed as a gateway of purity ad innocence (children). Women and children, not men, are always sacrificed for this reason not just sex magic. Keep this in mind when people like this focus on women and children. They have a real reason/motive for it.

reproductive care = abortion not care for gynocological disease or disorders.

On to the video.......

Highlights of interest. Looking between the PR for their programs in their own words......

Right off the bat it is clear that more women working is better economically for families. Women, who are not bearing children, pursuing education and careers globally impacts poverty. It's the same thing that was done in the US with creating two parents earners as the norm. Now, our kids are raised by the schools, social media and Hollywood. Look where that led. Now they want this for the rest of the world. Notice how she says "every dollar we spend on family planning services (abortion) has so many returns and benefits" I am not even 2 minute in. See! This is not about women's heath and wellbeing like they portray. This is about population control via women's cult programming. The female global citizen indoctrination.

Anyway, Let's see how much of this as a woman I can stomach.

It is nice however, that part of reeling women and children in, is actually providing help to those who are suffering from treatable medical conditions. I just wish they would do this without all the strings attached or used as a stepping stone to pushing pharma pills for everything under the sun like what have been done here poisoning countless people. In other words, this good thing becomes a trap unfortunately but these folks in these countries like India do not know that. They know they need antibiotics for a very treatable bacterial infection that they can't afford.

They do try to sell medical advancement to help women bear children safely and be healthier. But in practice we know this is a vaccine (GAVI as mentioned in this video) and abortion program first and foremost with other care provided as cover and to gain acceptance.

27:56 The guy in the Audience from Africa made total sense bringing up infrastructure and needing an environment to keep doctors and nurses in Africa where they are needed the most. The response to him was circular talk offering nothing of value.

As much as they go on and on about healthcare in India, I have seen so much coming out of The Times Of India over the years of pharma experimentation of women and children (Gardasil for example) and out dated and tainted medication in clinics. When I researched for my reporting on the organ transplant trade, India came up a ton when it came to black market kidneys. Any improvement in their healthcare system is huge don't get me wrong and I sure hope is happening. But there is no real concern for the health and safety of women and children there. Not then and not now. So this investment they talk about. That goes where? To do what? I think that has already been established.

No talk here at all of valuing women as mothers at all. Men earning a good wage so women, who choose to, can raise their children. Nope, get them on birth control, give them hysterectomies, provide abortions. This is what this is all actually about so women can be free to live the rat race and population is controlled. Rinse and repeat of what was done here in the US.

Catch me on:


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"It's the same thing that was done in the US with creating two parents earners as the norm. Now, our kids are raised by the schools, social media and Hollywood. Look where that led" Free to live the rat race indeed. That's been exactly my sentiments for a long time now. I feel like so much of what we've learned growing up is a convoluted, evil lie masquerading as good; for example, when you realize that this is the goal of "feminism".

Jordan Peterson pointed out that most people don't have careers - just jobs. So, while women are told that they can do anything and need to have a career, what ends up happening is they just get a shit job to help pay bills and they and the children miss out on one of the most important parts of life. Oh yeah, and then the shit job tells you to get vaccinated, but that's another story.

If not a lie then something insidious like it's okay to be gay, don't be homophobic turns into this pronoun bullshit, with the end result everyone being androgynous. "Reproductive care" is like the polio vaccine in India when all it needs to fight polio is proper sanitation - which is more feasible than a vaccination attempt which causes more problems than it solves.

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I agree with all of this 100%.

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Do they even know what a woman is? Apparently, half the humans on Earth are female, but are we allowed to say that? Seems the females they want are actually males who went trans. All the females are supposed to get their genitals gouged out and hormones taken so they don't develop breasts. Everybody is trans, they tell us. Meanwhile only something like 0.02% of the population actually suffers from this disorder... although they are doing their best to push that number up. They don't care about women, it's all virtue signaling and part of the woke agenda.

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Maybe they think we should spay all women before their first periods, just like we are expected to do for dogs. They'll let a few remain breeders, those chosen for their good genes. CRAZY TIMES! Can't believe you are still watching these.

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You just might be right! Spay the girls, save the planet. Gee. Yeah, I can see that.

Yup, still going through their BS. I have a list of their videos bookmarked and am getting through some of them. I am not going to watch all of them. No point. We already know. Some of them though caught my eye and yeah, taking my time so I don't torture myself too much.

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They have us believing that spaying every dog and cat is necessary for their health and the health of our planet, it will be easy to convince us to spay, say, indigent women. I don't believe any of it anymore. Whenever I am relentlessly told something, by everyone, I opt out. I'm not spaying my 1 year old dog yet, if ever. The vet says that she will be more likely to get reproductive cancer if I don't, but I said "of course there is a higher incidence of reproductive cancer in unspayed dogs - they still have reproductive organs!" He's not happy with me. I'm refusing most vaccines too. Did you know that boarding now requires a flu vaccine and a flu booster?! This is in addtion to about a dozen other supposed vaccines. The entire vaccine show has become surreal, but folks are comfy with it that way.

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I had a wonderful Cocker Spaniel many years ago. I never spayed her. Never had unwanted puppies or anything like that. She went into heat twice a year and it was no big deal. She had minimum vaccines when she was young but we stopped them when she got older. Parvo is a real threat especially to young dogs. I have seen many puppies and young dogs over the years die from that in my neighborhood back when I lived in South Carolina.

My answer was the same as yours more or less on the topic of spaying. I too would have a much lower chance of gynecological cancer if I had a hysterectomy. She would have no risk of ear cancer if we removed her ears. There is no real medical reason, it's all about pet population control. So...yes.....humans can be viewed the exact same way.

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She got parvo jab, which comes with a bunch of other vaccines. I asked for parvo only, but was told there was no such vaccine (untrue, I know). Also rabies, because I was told if she put her teeth on a child, they would take her from me if she were not jabbed for rabies. But I've said no to everything else so far, a shocking number of times!!!
She's so beautiful, even womanly. When folks (everyone!) chastise me for not spaying her, I say "I can't justify removing her body parts just so that I don't have to practice birth control." She's a year old now, and has only been in heat once, no sign of it coming up yet. If it's every 7 or 8 months, with only about 10 days of being fertile, it should be easy to manage. I have a fenced in back yard, and lots of leashes for those ten days.

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