The Grammys

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I don’t ever watch this but I couldn’t not see some of the replays and it was a total hoot. I was going to run down and do a recap from the satanic ritual display from Sam smith, to Ben Affleck looking like he’s desperate to get out of there and the absolute best part was when I saw ‘sponsored by Pfeizer’ lol I legit thought the video I was watching had placed that in as a joke but joey b toonz did it far better than I ever could.

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As someone from the Land of America... I can't apologize enough for this... so imma try an just Quit this place...

sorry 😐

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I fuckin' love Dave Chapelle. Here's another good one.


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What he said right after that sentence was frickin awesome :D

Satanism is at an all time high on the trend these days. Yet the hundreds of millions who listen to their garbage music and endorse that behaviour still go to church. Onf of the main reasons why I first stopped going many years ago was due to the hypocrisy. I have since renounced believing in any religions.

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That was me 5-10 years ago.
At the moment, how I feel is that no organized religion has got it all right. But I also feel that none of them have got it all wrong, either. Well, maybe satanism, that seems pretty wrong, especially the freaks at the Grammy awards. There's something to be learned from almost all the isms, but following just one of them dogmatically isn't the way for me. (Strange thing is, most of them claim to be the one true way, that has it all figured out, and all the rest are pure evil, trickery, false, and to be avoided at all costs.)

I also feel that none of them have got it all wrong,

Same here. Prefer to study them independently. Been reading into the gnostics at the latest. I sense they were really on to something.

satanism, that seems pretty wrong

Satan from the hebrew language meaning adversary. Satanism is to me the practice to enhance the ego, and the spiritual advancement in man. Their methods vary from child sacrifices to that of no harm to others. And yes i agree, Like all religions, they argue which is the true way.

What is the oldest is the mother
the link is not https, but worth a read through

Then there is saturnism which is what david icke has been claiming what satanism is behind the scenes. Yhere isna video titled "the saturn moon matrix" also a goodnwatch as an introduction to a greater work. Explaining the worship of the black cube and the continuing
chaining of spiritual growth. Is it evil? i think yes.

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I never manage to find much truth in any of that type of content. It's all loose associations that don't have much logical consistency. Sometimes it has a point mixed in with the nonsense, but so does everything. It's just not fact-based enough for me.
I'm sure the gnostics had some things right, and what they believed is worth looking over.

Gnosis just means knowledge. A gnostic is essentially one who acquired gnosis. I'm sure you gnow how to do that yourself.
I agree with your points. It is a struggle to find truth.

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I follow esoterica channel. I view it about once a week. Alot of interesting history.


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