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Hi Blurtians! Another day another episode of our Mind Tickler Game. This is the newest episode of our game.We have been together for quite sometime now. I hope you are enjoying our game and at the same time learning also.

I would like to give my sincerest appreciation to all those blurtians who constantly participate in our games. Thank you very much for visiting my post and alloting time to solve each problem such as number or picture puzzles, math equation and logic questions that we have. I am forever grateful for your continued support in my humble game. Without your support, this Mind Tickler game will not be able to last long. So again, thank you very much. I am forever grateful to you all.

For those who are new in my post, please take time to energize your brain cells by answering this simple games that would greatly help you sharpen your mind.

What Are The Benefits of Number or Mind Games


Mind games are designed to test your memory
with a range of different games and challenges. There is an evidence that some of these games can be effective at sharpening certain skills that can deteriorate with age, such as decision making, reaction time, and short-term memory. Playing with math games increases overall motivation and ignites your enthusiasm and improves your ability with numbers.

Games and activities such as what we have can help you develop an enthusiasm for numeracy. The very act of working or solving through a difficult problem to find the solution is very rewarding. It boosts your learning and number puzzles help develop strategic thinking.

Puzzles not only develop memory skills, but also enhance the ability to plan, test ideas and even solve difficult problems. While completing a puzzle, children and adults alike need to remember shapes, colours, positions and strategies to complete them.

While math books for adults are great to keep your mind stimulated, various researches suggest that learning math through games can keep adults, who are prone to Alzheimer's, or Dementia, or other aging-related issues, more active and confident in their daily matters effectively.

The most notable positive effects of gaming include:
*Improved cognitive abilities
*Improved problem-solving skills and logic
*Increased hand-to-eye coordination
*Greater multi-tasking ability
*Faster and more accurate decision-making
*Enhanced prosocial behaviors
*Better eyesight (attention to detail)

Before we proceed, let me give the correct answer of our previous game. Below is the explanation or the solution of the correct answer. If you have some clarification, you may do so by writing in the comment section.

For this episode, congratulations to all Blurtians who tried their best to solve and especially to our lucky winner for this game. Job well done for those who tried their very best to solve I appreciate your effort and congratulations to our lucky winner. For those who did not get it right, better luck next time. No worries we still have a lot of games to do daily just persevere in what you do and truly you will succeed in the next game.

Take note: when the spinner of the roulette point at the middle of the two blurtians, another round of spin will be done for the both names to have a fair game.

The reward of 10 blurt for this game is sent to our lucky winner blurt account for this game. For those who wasn’t chosen, Better luck next time and don’t get disappointed we still have lots of game to do. Please continue to support me in all of my games. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to all of your support and dedication to the game.

How to Join and the Other Information about our Game



Here are the rules or mechanics of our game. Please follow this rules for this game to start.

You may read it also here for our additional rules and information regarding the game. Please follow in order not to be disqualified.

*Solve the puzzle correctly and comment your answer. If you can show your solution the better.

*Please upvote this post to help me finance more games in the future.

*10 blurts awaits the problem solver who can give the correct answer.

*If two or more got the correct answer, the lucky winner will be determined through a roulette. If the roulette arrow or spinner is found in between two names, another draw will be done in order to determine the final winner to have a fair deal.

*No changing or editing of answers. First answer is considered final.

*The prize of 10 blurt will be sent to the winner's account before the new game begins.

*In other words, the game is valid only for 1 day.

*The game will be posted daily but have no specific time most likely in the morning.

*The game will be posted at a random time. You can check on my post anytime Please keep posted.

For this game, please solve the equation below. If you can show your solution, I highly appreciate your effort of solving. You just write it down in the comment section or take a picture. I will be glad to check your solution.😀

Here we go! Take time to read, analyze and look for some patterns. Good Luck Blurtians, it is time to shine.


If you know the answer, write your answer in the comment section and please don't forget to upvote my post it can help me gain blurt. Small upvote or big upvote are greatly welcomed for as long as it is given heartily. Thank you very much!

Happy Answering!😀

Shoutout to all Blurtians who are an avid solvers. Thank you for your constant and continued support to Have Some Fun Game daily. I am forever grateful to all of you and please continue to help me and other blurtians too.

(credits to youtube.com, meritnotes.com, pexels.com, google.com and canva & dofoto for editing photo)

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