Maths Time Fun Time Rewards Time #6

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Hey there, lovely people!
How's everyone doing?

Have you been following me already? If not then please do so and follow me. I take people to their childhood journey using mathematics.

As you all know already I have been sharing mathematical knowledge here for last few days. I will take it a step further

I will reward people who answer correctly at the first place

There are going to be few simple rules

1don't cheat
2Comment Once only
3reblurt and vote this post ( any percentage)
4only time frame between two blogs is when you can participate. ( generally 24 hours.)

I think these are very simple rules and I hope everyone will be following these.

Now let me share the question for this day with all of you.

What is the basic formula of differentiation?

So as we discussed the Rules and also shared the Question for this day. I will now share about the rewards.

Who Don't Like Rewards. I think No one, we all love rewards right?

7 blurtIf number of participants is less than or equal to 10
14 blurtIf number of participants between 11-25
20 blurtIf number of participants greater than 25

So that was the reward and conditions for various cases.

As, we all have been talking about the Mathematics here and trying to remember our childhood in the form of these mini quizes let us not forget that we all had a hard time while we were learning mathematics or maybe i should say practicing Mathematics. S, for new generation to help them not take load in future make sure they learn and practice Maths since early age in a fun way and that is what they can do by visiting above channel.

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