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Hello blurt, hope everyone is doing good.
Today been Wednesday, we bring you another program that you would love to participate: the "Black and White Photography".

We would love you to be original and won't accept any online image.
It shouldn't be old pictures... But black and white photos of anything (humans, animals, plants and even places) anything creative in black and white. Photo shots must be taken by you.

After the captures, just drop your participation as a comment in the reply section of this post.

Remember, originality matters, we wish you all the best in today's reality show.

Always check on the shows requirements for updates

3 BLURT reward to each participant

Hello blurt, sana lahat ay gumagawa ng mabuti.
Miyerkoles ngayon, hatid namin sa iyo ang isa pang programa na gusto mong lumahok: ang "Black and White Photography".

Gusto naming maging orihinal ka at hindi tatanggap ng anumang online na larawan.
Hindi dapat mga lumang larawan... Ngunit itim at puti na mga larawan ng anumang bagay (tao, hayop, halaman at kahit na mga lugar) anumang bagay na malikhain sa itim at puti. Dapat kang kumuha ng mga kuha ng larawan.

Pagkatapos ng mga pagkuha, i-drop lamang ang iyong partisipasyon bilang komento sa seksyon ng tugon ng post na ito.

Tandaan, mahalaga ang pagka-orihinal, hangad namin ang lahat ng pinakamahusay sa reality show ngayon.

Palaging tingnan ang shows requirements para sa mga update

3 BLURT reward sa bawat kalahok

Join us every day on guess the word games and win blurt🚀🚀💯.....Don't miss out!!.....just guess....




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The beautiful Krabi Islands in the Andaman Sea.


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