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⚠️OKX Confirms User Accounts Drained via Identity Theft


🙀 In a post-mortem on X, OKX revealed that a hacker used forged "judicial documents" to obtain personal information of "very few" users. This breach came to light after two users reported their accounts had been compromised and drained.

🔎 Blockchain security firm SlowMist noted that new API keys were created after users received risk notification SMS texts from Hong Kong.

🛡 Web3 security group Dilation Effect claimed attackers exploited a loophole allowing users to turn off Google Authentication or phone verification without a 24-hour withdrawal halt. OKX, however, rebutted this, stating the incident was unrelated to Google Authenticator or SMS verification.

👀 OKX assured users that affected accounts have been fully compensated and the matter is under investigation.

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