Fried bitter gourd with prawns and fish

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Hello friends Assalamualaikum as usual today I am back with something new so friends without delay first to know how are you I hope you are doing very well with your family today I am going to share with you how to fry bitter gourd with shrimp fish I hope you Will like it.




First thing you need to do is chop the bitter gourd well and you can use a potato if you want because gourds are extra bitter so I did that too to reduce the amount completely but hybrid gourds don't pay much as far as I know.

Next what I did was wash and clean the prawns and then put the pan in the oven and use enough masala and using oil first I chose the prawns well because I think prawns taste good when they are fried well.

Then what I did was put oranges in the oil and the fire reduced a lot today because if there is too much fire there is a possibility of the gourds falling so I thought of doing it well with a little fire then what I did was put the prawns in it you can understand by looking at my photography. How tempting it looks.

So friends if you want you can easily fry bitter gourd with this shrimp but it is very fun to eat and also if you want to eat it with hot rice then there is nothing more and keep thin dal with it because it is very good to eat so friends be well assalamu alaikum tata

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