The is the first day of our acquaintance, but you won't know why...not yet.

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Happy Valentines day, everyone !
A metaphor of course.

Happy day, everyone!
....that's better, much more literal.

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How successful are you?...Like, you know...really? ...

“The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don’t like to do. They don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.”
Steven Covey

So what then creates 'the winning mindset', over 'the failure mindset'?


....The, oh so delicious reason, one that makes you jump out of bed in the morning, and tap into the authentic you to make everyday, a life worth living.

You can't really ask for much more than that can you.

Maybe 'purpose' itself is a 'divine truth' - made manifest.
...And maybe that's why those who are unable to find their own authentic purpose, are full of hate, envy, and jealousy.
So jealous, and filled with self pitying rage, that they want to destroy the very thing that they know that they don't have.

Living with purpose makes each day an adventure.

If you have purpose, you're forever venturing out into the unknown.
How can not?
You HAVE to, in the attempt to manifest that very purpose as vividly as possible, within your own life.

It's CHOOSING to lead a life 'of the fantastic'.

It's CHOOSING your own adventure , as being the default setting in your life.

...And think about it - if everyday you have is a fantastic one – then fantastic memories are the only ones that you can have as you get older...

I’ve thought (a lot), about what “success” means to me.

For me - winning at life by being authentic (and losing the masks as you go along).
It's as good as it gets, in my opinion.
It's the life pursuit of obtaining real wealth.

This means losing the fake persona's, losing the importance that you place on external validation - this being the false source (and perpetual crutch) of your own identity.

Life is funny.
(if it's not to you - then you've failed to read the rules of the game properly).

Throughout your time here, you have to bend with the wind, while standing as solid as a rock.
You have to meander down the rivers of life - including some that you'd never thought you'd never traverse - while maintaining your own compass bearing.
....And yes, you even have swim with the sharks and do battle with monsters, occasionally.

Life can be seen to be as a fun adventure or a decent into your own personal hell.

It's ALL about how you choose to look at it.
Choosing to look at it all as a fun adventure is all about knowing your purpose.


It's about choice.
And that starts with how you decide to look at your choices.

For example.

Do you CHOOSE to be happily relentless?
Being relentless in the act of manifesting your purpose, is not a hardship – it's the total opposite.
It's joy.

A joy that you have no control over if you've given yourself over to - yourself.

Whether your purpose in life is cleaning public toilets everyday, or building the next space craft - it makes zero difference.

Fulfilling what you know to be your purpose is the only thing that matters.
That purpose of yours, cares not about some social approval, status, or any other silly shiny baubles.
These are very same baubles, btw - that those with no purpose use to measure their 'success'.

Top tip:
....suffering from fatigue, irritability, depression?... (or fill in any negative emotion that apply to you) while also thinking that your following your passion (the souls 'woo-woo word' for purpose) then maybe...
....just maybe....
It's your soul/subconscious/authentic you shouting out,
'Don't be a daft fucker, you're not on the right path.

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Forks are good.

(unless you're trying to eat soup).

Forks on the road of life hold the promise of change....
It's an opportunity to explore new landscapes.
It's point in time that those with courage can choose to alter their future.
It's a chance to dispel with the illusions you've been led to believe and have chosen to believe.

CHOOSE to be selfish.

By choosing to be relentless in your work, moving non stop in your purpose towards the very things in life that give you perpetual fulfillment, is selfish.
By doing this you're only thinking of your future self being even more fulfilled.

The opposite of this is to sacrifice yourself upon 'the altar of other peoples good opinion of you'.
.....To sacrifice your own purpose in life for the sake of being 'comfortably numb' by pleasing others.*
It is not a winning strategy.

*Not to be confused with helping others as a part of your own life purpose.
The two things are not the same.
Knowing 'which is which' can be a very difficult task if you're lacking in self awareness.

'Selflessness' -without it not being a part of your own selfish purpose in life - is selfish - 'ego selfish'.'s virtue signalling for social capital and an external validation from the mob, to make you feel better.
(and nothing more than a temporary dopamine hit to soothe the gaping wound in your soul).

Do you choose to be grateful?

I have the opportunity to write freely.
For its own sake.
It's a privilege that many people in the world simply don't have. ..(for a myriad of reasons).

I have NO CHOICE but to be grateful.
Grateful for the life that I have, the riches I enjoy, and the privilege to be able to share my perspectives on life.

I have NO CHOICE but to be grateful.
Anything less would be hubris, and that has no place to reside - not within the halls of purpose...

Be humble to your true self.
...And let it be seen as arrogance, by those who harbor their own shameful arrogance.
It's a shield for their own fragile, and wafer thin, childish ego.

You can only ever see arrogance in others - if it's a quality that's already living within yourself.
You can't identify what the color red IS - not if your can you?

Do you CHOOSE to be an action man?

The person with an inaction mindset, has to choose to work out (for example).

The default setting of this kind of mindset is to stay comfortable.
To keep the status quo.
Thus rationalizing lots and making excuses for working out 'some other time'...(but not today).

Whereas , the 'action man mindset' has to choose to NOT work out.

The default settings are very, very, different.

The 'action man' wants to avoid the consequences of inaction.

The 'inaction man' wants to avoid change.

The action man has purpose, so anything that acts as an obstacle in pursuing that purposes, is either pushed aside as being irrelevant, or utterly destroyed.
(like excuses).

"You can rest when your dead, but for now - get yer ass out of bed".

Who do you choose to be?

Clean your head. Brainwash yourself. Rewrite your neural pathways. Talk to a higher power... but do whatever it takes to to lead a better life by discovering your purpose.

I’m not going to treat an adult like a child, no matter how much 'you' might want to live in that faux reality.

I'm going to try and coerce, manipulate, and cajole you into being your authentic self.

I care not about your childish emotional outbursts, nor claiming your juvenile 'victim mentality' in an attempt to garner enough external validation to be delude yourself into being comfortably numb.

I'm going to try and

Many people will never find their inner courage to be their authentic selves.

Sad for them (and for all those around them).
Cowardice loves company and it will do anything to not feel alone.
(a coward is, as a coward does).

I'm an optimist, not an idiot.

(except for when I'm an idiot, obviously).

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My purpose , your purpose , our purpose ,.. the purpose ?
Purpose reaches back to ancient times up in to eternity .
If not perceived like that , ....
it becomes very hard to comprehend , right here , right now .

Something about creation ,.. that will never stop .
Create a life , don't just live it true .
Become and move on .

Things i know but are very bad at in explaining to others .
For it never came to me true words or writings .
So i mostly do not make any sense ,. to others if i try .


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Trying is all that matters, my friend.

I think you'll get something of value out of my 'destruction' (and very much rebuilding), of Nietzsche's works.
In very much, my own 'Penguin style', (obviously).

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Wanna buy some rain?



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