Ob-la-di... OBADIAH ... You're Gonna Die, Bruh.

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How long have we been preparing for a Forced Space Camp?

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This small scroll been out of my quiver for awhile, bruh.

One last time, out of brotherly love, Let me see if some of you American men don't yet have ears to hear. Rev 3:13

No hyperlinks in today's message.

I have however provided scriptural references to the Bread I bring today.

Hear brother Obadiah and know his name means 'serving Jah.'

Who are the servants shown what must shortly come to pass? Rev 1:1

Why are we shown?

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I am your messenger, heathens, and I fucking love you guize.

It is time for you to rise up with us.

He did put me to the ground and it was everything I asked Him for.

If He wants you on your knees, and you do not go willingly, be sure, He doesn't lose anybody whom He elected ahead of time. 1 Sam 30:19

Remember that as we are going to talk about the ten virgins here as well.

How about exalting thyself as an eagle and setting thy nest amongst the stars in verse 4!

What was Obadiah seeing there?

Was he seeing men standing on stages of imagination broadcasting Gods message from the moon?

Was he seeing a nation with an eagle as a symbol ascending into the stellar Space Force Star Wars?

Or was he seeing men who worship gods of fortresses growing fat in their sacrifice to Science Fiction, Some Sick Pride, or the House Of Mouse as Isaiah did? (66:17)

I am laying some crumbs here.

Do you smell what the Rock who stumbles is cooking?

How are the things of Esau searched out? Through much study, Divine revelation of The Word, and some quantum comms is how I came to my prophetic understandings.

You men of Edom who are to E-dumb to know you are Edom don't have time for that.

The wise men, the understanding out of the mount of Esau, every one of the mount of Esau will be cut off by slaughter.

The mighty men of Teman will behold the reward of the wicked with their eyes.

Are you comfortable that you know who Obadiah was seeing via his persective?

Through His looking glass if you will?

Screen Shot 2024-06-18 at 10.10.22 AM.png

Me Tarzan. You calamity calamity calamity Jane?


Do you see what Edom did there?

It will happen again.

He only says things three times when He really wants somebody to hear.

He only says things three times when He really wants somebody to hear.

He only says things three times when He really wants somebody to hear.

This relationship here is integral to the redemption arcs for all elect for such arcs.

Edom and Israel have had a case of mistaken identity since Rome (the state) couldn't tell their 'Jews' apart.

The Idumeans.

Jews who say they are Jews but are not.

Red Shield. Rothschild.

The line of Herod.

Will the hangout be limited to Anastasia screaming in vain?

I do hope the Quantum kids are starting to see some connections.

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For The Day Of The Lord...

The house of Jacob shall be a fire.

The house of Joseph a flame.

The house of Esau shall be as stubble.

Upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance.

Happened yet?

Take my hand if you want to live.

The zealous Jews who believe in prophecy have an opinion on who Edom is.

They also are publicly stating the 'Moshiach' is here and are telegraphing a great mourning is inbound.

A time of snap decision making for sure.

Now IS the time for fear. Of the Father. Pro 1:7

I am taking my flock to Mount Zion at the Lord's direction.

Come with me, to the sea, of glass mingled with fire. Rev 15:2

Do you know which spiritual house you and your family currently reside in?

Does some dommy have you sacrificing to the dragqueen net or the Laura Ingraham rabbit hole Angles? Hab 1:15,16

If you are wealthy enough to indulge this offering and already pulled the trigger?

Good luck with that keyhole approach to the kingdom. Luke 18:25

If you are like every other man I know, and at least thought 'thats fucking cool,' then know that you were trained to have that mindset. (and boy yes they actually move!)

I am also descended from Babylon as my American brethern are. Hag 2:23
Screen Shot 2024-06-18 at 10.46.28 AM.png

The saviors on Mount Zion are described in that condition in the Revelation prophecy. Rev 14


Why am I being so bold with you while I am away from you? 2 Cor 10

If you do not start hearing me you are going to die.

I know so many of you value this life enough that statement brings a little terror.

Good. It should. Jude 1:23

Do not fear, just believe. Mark 5:36

I am the League of Shadows and I am going to make this one crystal sea clear.
Screen Shot 2024-06-18 at 11.10.30 AM.png

The oil that those virgins miss out on is a signification of the anointing oil received by prophets.

The virgins are His. He doesn't lose a single one of the ten.

Five of them heard their shepherd and took the narrow path to the banquet.

The other five didn't recognize the anointed when they showed up to escort them.

Take my hand if you want to go to the King's banquet.

If not... then know that the rapture is a lie and when He comes again those who are in Edomite churches will hide from the wrath of the Lamb.

The fearful are the first mentioned when the lake of fire judgment comes. REv 21:8

Astonishing the difference in ears to hear between women and men today.

It is however Written.

If you are an unknowing Edomite today and you don't know it there is still time.

If you are a fornicator or a whoremonger? Heb 12:16, Rev 21:8

Well. we don't have to pretend to be friendly.

Those women whose confessions and needs you leverage?

The women you call sluts and crazy while showing them off naked to your homeys?

The women who you refer to a mental health sorceror at the word 'anxiety' because your 501c overlords require it of you?

They are all his daughters.

He ain't even mad at them, Nimrods. Hos 4:14

Even Jezebel is on a redemption arc of sorts and the sons of Esau are moving themselves into the path of the Sons of Jacob.

My heart was turned to my fathers. Mal 4:6

Judah is my father.

Let me take both you and His daughters, whom you also love, to Mount Zion.

I share a Creator with even atheists and have recognized Authority over the unholy.

It is no light thing to the house of Judah the abominations I see. Eze 8:17

Screen Shot 2024-06-18 at 12.30.41 PM.png

Judgment begins at the ancient men who were before the house.

I have a wing to offer as a sealed prophet of Judah.

'come not near any man upon whom is the mark'

He has sent the strong delusion. 2 Thess 2:9-11

He has sent prophets to pull His elect from the fire.

Find one and cleave to him. The adopted daughters of Jerusalem are. Isa. 4:1

Time to repent and decide, boys and girls.

Who's your Daddy?

What does believing your brother and Lord died for you look like? John 15:13 and...


How much time have I spent on who these 'Edomites' are?

Why would it be relevant to one of my honeypots?

IMG_78539766214A-1 2.jpeg

You're going to lose that girl, sons of Esau.

You shouldn't have asked her to blaspheme Her spirit for your morsel. Matt 12:31

Are you still worshipping Bacon?

If you had any idea the Peace His daughters arising and threshing find via prophecy you would stop standing in their way and join us. Micah 4:13


It isn't about Vernon Howell claiming to be the Son of God.

Nor is it about me claiming to be a son of God.

It's about you not realizing yet your heart should be turning towards that understanding for yourself.

Do your diligence. Check what is Written.

Throw off the yoke.

Are you not supposed to be looking for somebodies this time around?

What happens to those who ignore and mock the messengers of God?

Will they defeat Ai while taking part in accursed things?

Teaching pagan cartoons to kids leads them to whose light?

Screen Shot 2024-06-18 at 2.57.39 PM.png

The shadows betray you because the darkness is a bright cartoon.

Saturn and Remphan and stars and banners.

Teaching kids pagan worship prepares them for Lucifer's artificial light.

He is coming. Ask the Vatican about their telescope.

What happens to those who stumble children entering the kingdom?

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Blurtbooster loves long rambling posts like this! Big vote.
It looks like you put some time into it. What does it all mean?

I have utilized blockchain for years now to collate and prepare lesson plans. Some of my flock are able to follow after years of work while many are new. Many of my pieces, like this one, are composed with the idea of sitting in person with people and going through my claims line by line, precept by precept. Teaching the Truth of The Word is almost impossible via electronic means. I am a prophet amongst prophets. Not all of us are of the same nature. Most men are not at all prepared for what is coming. I seek to help is mostly what today's message is about. Thanks for asking!

  ·  29 days ago  ·  

Okay, so it's kind of a private message meant mainly for your regular readers? That would explain why it's pretty cryptic to me. It's nice to hear you're helping others, I think it would be good if more people were that way.

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get the FLOCK out

this is it

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Is that your social media name, riseandshine_17?
Not sure what those tags refer to... clicked them but still not sure : P

riseandshine_17 is someone I follow on Instagram, I'm @garro5831


#wwg1wga #ArmorOfGod #ibor #safireproject

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Hahah cool, unfortunately I can't really access that site because I can't get an account... perm banned by META since 2019 for criticizing the Zionists! LOL

Yep, they kicked me off Facebook back in 2019 and then Linkedin too for Anti Vax posts... (Pfizer post below) I try not to go too far on the Instagram account, although they can still ban me retroactively for older posts any time they want... 🖖


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Hehehe, they can't handle the truuuuth.