The case study of a persons fall into the abyss - a gif kind of allegory.

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Once upon a time a little boy went in search for some treasure in the hope that one day, it would make him so rich, that all his dreams would come true.
(due to his overuse of THC products, he never actually dreamed much at all, but that's a story for another time).


As the curious little boy traveled around from town to town, he discovered that the people he'd met along the way weren't so very friendly to him at all.

This bothered him a lot, as not only did it mean that he end up being shunned, the costs of scoring copious amounts of grass from people that didn't like him, was getting pretty damn excessive.

Then, one day, he came across the land of Blurtania.


Determined to be liked, he opened the doors and walked through the city gates with a big smile on his face.

(although, due to the face nappy that he was wearing for 'muh, reasons' no one saw his smile, just the mask).

Just to be on the safe side, he thought that, before announcing himself in this new city - he'd better find out a little more about the people already living there.

He didn't want a repeat the encounter of the last city, and it's inhabitants - one where he'd been treated very badly indeed.
...(tea leaves being sold as 'a special kind of ganja', is not a nice thing to do).

He thought he'd better find out 'which way the wind was blowing'....

This was something that he thought he was very good at working out, and throughout his short life, he'd been able to win the favors of many people just by knowing what they thought, and how to respond to them properly.

(as he'd gotten older however, he also had a nagging suspicion that this skill wasn't quite as good as it used to be - but was generally so stoned all the time to ever be bothered to really think it though).

He looked around this bright new town and watched and listened to all the people who talking freely in the town square.

It wasn't like the last town he's visited, at all.

When people talked freely in the last town, and the powerful people who were in charge didn't like what was being said, they were ostracized and made very unwelcome, and no longer able to do any business there.

hottie - Copy.jpg

Blurtania was nothing like that other place.

And so, after some time had passed, he started talking to some of the people there, and he introduced himself.

Because everyone just loved speaking freely there, and without any fear of not being able to score some top quality pot, he spoke up about how important free speech was, and was met with loud rounds of applause.

This made the little boy very happy.
Not so much by what he'd said - he didn't care too much about that - but it was the way in which the town approved of what he'd said.

He felt like he had all of them on his side.
(He also felt a stirring in his pants that he couldn't quite understand).

All that mattered to this little boy was finding somewhere that people liked him.

(that, and readily available supplies of cheap ganja).

After a few weeks of living there and being totally stoned off his tits, he started to notice a change in the people who'd been applauding him so loudly, when he'd first arrived...

He wasn't sure why at first - afterall it could just be a case of thc paranoia ( it wouldn't have been the first time that'd happened to him).

He'd said all the right things, and had acted in all the right ways, and He'd even laughed at all jokes that he didn't understand and that weren't remotely funny to him.

Although to be fair, this was nothing knew.
This had been the case his entire life.
...While he was very good at pretending that he knew what other people were laughing about, he was mostly unaware of what was actually funny, about most jokes.

What He DID know though, was that by that pretending that he understood - and being accepted by his peers by laughing along - was all that really mattered at the end of the day.

Or so he thought...


Part 2, coming shortly...

The abyss comes and says 'hello' to the little boy....

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Pot? What pot? I never got pot...

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Dan dan daaaaaaaaan. ;-)

Looking forward to part II

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