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MOUAU medicals is a section in our university that deals with anything related to students health.
It has a numerous benefits that comes with it.
Firstly, as a student of my school, once you have been certified by the MOUAU Medicals, you automatically have access to free test, medicals and health consultants.

These are some of the benefits students of my school get.
But being certified by the MOUAU Medicals is not an easy task one has to go through some process which are a kind of stressful.

You have to first of all go and make payments in the Bank then go for blood Check up.

After that , you will now submit the results to the clinic bursary before you bouw await your turn for the X-ray, it has Actually been stressful for me as I have been hear for the last 4hrs as of the time of making this post.

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