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Photo of the day :)

beautiful yellow flower:)

Hello everyone 🤠 🌄
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today's flowers are yellow These are beautiful little flowers available in two shades.These yellow and white colored flowers are very small in size.This flower is seasonal, these flowers are seen only in summer season.I have also bought these plants from a nursery because now it is summer season so this plant is available in the nursery.This is a small plant which can also be planted in a small pot.I have also planted this plant in an 8 inch pot Which is a small pot.Because this plant does not grow very tall nor does it spread much in width, hence it is growing well in this small pot.And these beautiful small flowers are also blooming on it every day,Although this flower is beautiful but I did not like this flower because these flowers wither within a day.These flowers appear in the morning and wither by evening.I don't like flowers that fade so quickly. The flowers on my other plants last for months.They make my garden look full of flowers, so I like the flowers which remain blooming for a month.I don't like flowers that die within a day, that's why I don't like this plant too much.When I bought this plant from the nursery, I did not know that the flower would wither in just a day.Otherwise I would not have bought this plant Now that I have bought it, it is good that I take care of it too.

Photos captured by@reetuahlawat
Camera DevicePOCO M4 Pro Rear Camera 12MP
CategoryPhotography, Flowers, Beauty of Nature
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