At the Desi Ghee Jellebi shop. (774 Days)

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The weather is bothering me a lot. Yesterday morning we all left home for the journey. Because we had to go. So we have to travel 257 kilometers. But while coming back I come from another route. So on the way I see many shops but at one shop some jalebi and ghevar are being made. I asked what is the price of jalebi, they said it is 300 rupees per kg. And ghevar is 350 rupees per kg. This price is high but it is being made in pure ghee. So its taste will also be different. The jalebi which is made here is available for 120 rupees per kg. So the right price should also be important. Nonu said that I want to eat ghevar. I said that you give ghevar to him. Because it is becoming very tasty. So sitting in the car we all started eating ghevar. So the taste is very good. For some reason, there has been no change in the taste. The taste of the sweets here is also good.

Photos captured by@ahlawat
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