It's Time To Say Goodbye

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It should come as no surprise to those who follow me, but I wanted to make this official. This will be the last post I make at Blurt.



It's been an interesting ride since I started on Steem in early 2017. Meeting many fascinating people, some of whom dropped off during that time. Some without saying goodbye.

It showed a lot of promise, my initial buying in at a couple of dollars each.

But, the price kept plummeting, and then the fork to Hive. I made that jump willingly, never expecting it to be worth anything. To my surprise, they did just fine.

I poured a lot of my heart into those blogs. Reporting on the drug and human trafficking at the border. The corruption as those on the ground documenting were harassed by law enforcement and politicians and news media. I finally had to walk away from it as it became apparent nothing would change, the masses either didn't care or felt there was nothing one could do.Just one more straw on the back that leads to the angry dysfunction of the nation.

I was done with Hive when I heard of Blurt. Cashing out my Hive, the value of years worth of blogging amounting to a measly 500.00. Of which I invested most of that.

As I have been powering down here, after the total fees it looks like I will come close to 2k total in earnings for close to six years of this. Not really a path to financial security. However, I do find it worth noting that 75% of my net has come from my earnings at Blurt.

I met a lot of kind folks here at Blurt. There was a simpleness, an innocence here when I first came. One that has been destroyed by a coalition of some who wish control of the chain with someone who felt slighted and has gone scorched earth posting the same crap for months.

I have noticed however that despite the non stop press of attack by those who would take over, they have both continued to buy large amounts of Blurt as they continue to demonstrate they either have no idea how valuations are arrived at or they pretend not to in order to keep the FUD going. It isn't rocket science to know that if you buy from an exchange that isn't reported on sites like Coinmarketcap or Coingecko, of course it won't change the price or daily volume being reported.

I do believe that over the next year, maybe longer they will finally have a controlling stake in Blurt. I hope for those of you still here that they prove to be better custodians than they have to this point. I also hope that they are held by the community to the same rigid demands they have made. What's good for the goose...

I wish to thank the founders and their team for the experience I was welcomed here with. For a brief period of time, the camaraderie and innocence here was unlike anything i had experienced online.

I wish all of the team the best moving forward. I think many will understand if at such time those who have slandered take control you will finally pull up your roots and move on. Then the headache can become those of the perfectionists.

I will be voting myself down to zero after I post this. It appears this will send my account into having voted somewhere in the neighborhood of 18000 votes in my time here.

I apologize that I won't be returning to log in and vote and reply. I will for sure peak in to read the comments left. There are many of you here who have touched my heart, to many to list individually. The link above gives a great testament to those I appreciate, as have my words with you over the time we have shared here.

I was fortunate enough to get a delegation from Jacob some time back.

I asked him a week ago to take it back so that perhaps it can be put to better use than just sitting in my wallet without being used.

Best of luck to the many of you who I've grown to care about. I hope the new year brings you many gifts.


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Yo Mr practical thought thank you so much for blurting.

If you have any ideas about improving the blurt for the blurting, please let us know. It has been an utter delay to have you as a community member. We shall delegate our delegations to the freakeao in future.

These good sir do continue your endeavors as you have increased the wonderfulness of this chain, I hope that you shall continue to increase the wonderfulness of other chains in the future.

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En perfecto español, deseo lo mejor para ti. Siempre seras un amigo y un mentor. En ocasiones no podemos obtener las recompensas por todo aquello por lo cual hemos trabajado. Sin embargo queda la satisfaccion simpre de haber dado y haber hecho las mejores cosas. En esta distancia solo puede enviarte un humilde abrazo como hermano, como amigo. Para contactarme fuera de esta Blockchain siempre habra formas de hacerlo y con gusto estare encantado de poder compartir nuevamente.

Aunque pocas veces lo dije en tiempos dificiles fuiste el impulso para ordenar la ideas, para volver a ser productivo. Para entender que siempre debemos enaltecer a otros para poder ser mejores personas.

In perfect Spanish, I wish the best for you. You will always be a friend and a mentor. Sometimes we may not get the rewards for all that we have worked for. However, there is always the satisfaction of having given and done the best things. At this distance I can only send you a humble hug as a brother, as a friend. To contact me outside this Blockchain there will always be ways to do it and I will be happy to share again.

Although I rarely said it in difficult times, you were the impulse to put my ideas in order, to be productive again. To understand that we must always praise others in order to be better people.

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I didn't want to open this post, but today I finally decided to read you. If you must leave today, I want you to know that you remain in the hearts of many. I hope you find a way to inform me of your health and your evolution, for me that is the most important thing, knowing that you are well with your family.

I also want to thank you for the confidence and willpower that has characterized you to defend your way of thinking. You will continue to be who you are and it is what makes you strong.
A huge hug that reaches where you are, so that the universe lights up with good vibes.

The candle at home is lit for you and for many here, don't forget me, because I won't. Don't forget to smile either, because life has surprises.
With all my love and respect Angelica7.😘

It feels sad reading through this post... Wishing you all the best out there 🧡💪😊

Thank you and likewise.

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Sad to hear you're leaving the platform. I wish you all the best for your future.

Thank you and the same to you. You have been a great influence on Blurt and it has been a pleasure watching you make your mark here. :)

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Thanks for all the conversations.
Not many left now.
If you do wish any opinions on esoteric bits of research, then feel free to come back and ask. Maybe it needs a hyper-focus to ignore the distractors and detractors. Best of luck!

Thank you for bringing me here. I plan to continue posting. It's an outlet for me. I understand though you leaving. I have been and will miss you. [email protected]

Keep in touch!

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I wish you all the best and I wanna thank you for all of your support and well written articles. Good luck and take care! 👍😉

Dear friend, I am saddened by your departure, but I understand that you must concentrate on more important things. From the bottom of my heart I wish you the best, I hope you can spend time with your family and share the time you have together to the fullest.
I am grateful that our paths crossed, I learned a lot from you, you are a great person.
I send you a big hug and my best wishes, Jason.

Well... I never went into this with the idea of getting rich. I went into this to share awareness of a solution to the psychopaths in control - who brought Us the plannedemic, the "deadly virus" and "contagion" lies, the "global warming" scam, and all the rest.

And that requires removal of the tool that accounts for Our energy added - because it is the tool to power for Them; it buys all the rest They use, the things and the people. i.e., removing money in ALL forms, from trade/barter to electronic bits, allowing Us ALL to live as richly as We choose on Our abundant planet.

So... Worrying about how much money I will get is quite pointless.

I want the BEST revenge:

So You Want to Have Revenge…:

I captured a response I made to someOne who claimed I was against money because I had "victim" mentality. It explains why money is a VERY dangerous tool:

Not a Victim.PNG

I know these platforms can get very challenging at times. When they start there is lot of good energy which gets diluted as time goes by. And as I always say it's better to keep yourself emotionally detached.
Good luck for whatever your next actions are and on your ongoing ones. Follow your heart and be happy. I wish you all the very best @practicalthought.

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Dear Friend, I wish that wherever you go now you do well, you were a very nice person to me, thank you for your support the time we had the pleasure of interacting. Many people that I like have left and although I am not frequenting blurt much (or other platforms) I hope to see them again here, sometime, happy trip!.
I hope your health has improved. God bless you.

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Dear Jason,
some liked you, others were annoyed.
Either will be missed.....
I wish you all the best and lots of strength.
Take care, Goodbye

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This one sounds like the real goodbye.

"For a brief period of time, the camaraderie and innocence here was unlike anything i had experienced online."

That was the Peak of Blurt and I thought we had something going there. With me it is not an "all-in" or "all-out" experience. From the time of Steem it was an experiment I jumped in to learn and possible to grow. Blurt seemed like a dream and then it wasn't what it was before. I don't know what the future holds but I'm not ready to let go when everything seems to be at the lowest.

This one sounds like the real goodbye.

It is. I appreciate very much your kind energy, and am thankful to have crossed paths with you here.

My life has grown complicated and I need to focus now on other things. Let's say that this is a matter of myself being at my lowest and not Blurt. :)

I wish you and Blurt the best, and hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

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Thank you ; )

Keep truck'n on

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I wish you all the best, good luck!

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I totally understand. Thank you for the farewell address. You will be in both my and jungle girls thoughts and prayers. Furthermore, you will surely be missed here on Blurt.

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Good afternoon. I sincerely wish you all the very best. I read this publication with interest, there is only one conclusion, you are a smart person. I am sure that everything will be fine with you, and I don’t even want to focus on this. Thank you very much for your post and the time you gave to the blockchain.

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Thank you and best of luck to you.

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All the best for you!

Now that you are leaving Blurt I think the number of words I read each week will be reduced by 90 lol.

I'll surely miss your thoughtful but long comments.

I hope this isn't a goodbye and I hope you are recovering from the cancer.

I remember reading your post where you said you would not take modern medicine or treatment. I at the time was busy and couldn't respond. I remember Gandhi writing something similar in his book "An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments with Truth".

Gandhi was a believer in natural and earth medicine and when in South Africa he refused to treat his son with modern medicine and treated his son with earth medicine.

His son recovered but it left a scar between Gandhi, his wife and his son.

It isn't easy to stick to what one believes without hurting others.

And I hope you are doing well. I pray for your health and peace.

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You are an example to us all and will be missed, if you want to stay in touch please don't be a stranger and drop me a line at @thebah at

Thank you for the kind thoughts. You have been one of the highlights of my time on social blockchain. It's been a shame, yet also entertaining watching so many squirm in their encounters with you instead of recognizing the learning experience being presented. I've learned a lot from you over the years.

Thank you.

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A great last post, I wish you the best for the next!

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It's been great to have you here I will miss your thoughtful posts. Hope you have a great year ahead.

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Oh dear. This saddens me, but I do get it. I will miss you!!! Your insight, your passion, your wit. Thanks for all the support you have given me here. You are one of the reasons I am even here! All the best to you!!

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Brother from another mother. Albeit, we never met or talked much, but during the times we had, I felt an ease of stress from the beginning. I ñikef how easy it was to be able to communicate and always appreciated your point of view even if they opposed mine. I learned much from your perspectives and consider you a very decent human being. Your fluency in speaking intrigued me deeply, a trait of my life that I lack due to growing up antisocial due to being oppressed since early childhood. But now as an adult I don't use that as an excuse, I look up to folks as yourself who periodically speak your mind freely with honesty. I wish to stay in contact and be pen pals. I'll be on telegram if you wish to have a need to tañk to someone when none will listen.

Here are the ways to contact me:

Email: [email protected]

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I just want to say a big and heartfelt THANK YOU for every one of those 293 upvotes!!!! 🤗❤️


I refuse to say goodbye! Defiant as always...😜

You would be direly missed here!!!

I am still hoping that you show up now and then!!! 🙏

Wishing you all the best for everything that comes your way from the bottom of my heart buddy!!!!! 🍀


You have recieved a coconutty upvote! 🥥
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Keep up the great work!

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Best wishes for your future and your health.


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Oh this is sad news. You will be missed. I always like interacting with you here. Any other destination we can meet at again?

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Goodbyes are always sad, I wish all the best for you, thanks for the good wishes for those of us who stayed, I think you can come back whenever you want, Blurt will always have its doors open.

Fare well to you.

Critical thinking is always welcome.

Keep your keys safe for your come back. Farewell.


Greetings Jason,

Honestly... I'm sorry to see this message. Every person who remains here IS SO VITALLY IMPORTANT. I view the Blurt network as a social fabric... and we are all weaving it together. The interesting thing is... in time this effort will combine into a creation that is larger and more impactful than our individual parts.

That being said my friend... I do understand. When life calls and priorities demand our attention... we each must make the decisions that are right for us.

I'm hoping you decide to come back from time to time however... I certainly have enjoyed reading the comments you have left throughout this blockchain.

You, I believe, have something important to impart UPon the world... and I know that no matter where you choose to hang your hat... You will be doing what matters most.

Please always know that you can reach out to me personally. Probably the best way (other than Blurt) is to either ping me on Twitter or Discord:

Twitter: @WilMetcalfe
Discord: wil.metcalfe#3506

In practical thought,

Comet Ranker

P.S. Who are these big buyers you speak of? I would like to keep an eye on those accounts...

Hello my friend,

I read your last post a few days after you wrote it. It brought back old memories, because one of my best friends did not live to be 30 years old. Unlike you, he saw his only salvation in doctors, I wanted to convince him of alternative healing methods. Today, after many years, I regret not having supported him on his way back then. Even if the doctors could not help him, it was his decision and I should have respected it. I really hope your partner can respect your decision and support you on your way, even if she wishes it differently.

Thank you for always being honest and sincere with me, especially in the places where our views differed. I think I can say we exchanged different views in a positive way. Life would be boring if we always agreed :-)

We had great times together, they were the best times I have ever experienced on a blockchain. I will always remember these good times and with these thoughts I would like to say goodbye to you.


Take care my friend, I wish you only the very best.