Plane trees

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This post started with a visit from my friend. He got married and moved from his hometown to Komjatice. It is a picturesque village in western Slovakia.

While our wives talked on the terrace, my friend and I went for a walk. We were at their home for the first time and he wanted to show me the village where he lives now. Besides, of course, we wanted to have a good chat, like we used to in our younger days. Well, not that we are old now, but surely you understand what I mean J.


It was already late when we reached the park through the small square. Old, massive trees grow throughout the park. They are plane trees. A friend told me that the local residents are proud of them and take care of them. I am not surprised at all, because it is a type of deciduous tree that is not common in Slovakia.

I took my camera out of the case and looked for the best possible perspective. I tried to capture the atmosphere of the night in the park.


The sycamore is a large deciduous tree with distinctive mosaic-like bark. Most species of this genus grow in North and Central America. Sycamore is planted in Europe and Sycamore comes from Vietnam and Laos.

Plane trees like moist soil and need a lot of light. That is why we can see them near water courses and lakes. Their wood is hard, but not very durable.


If you would like to propagate a plane tree, you can do so by splitting, cuttings or using seeds.

Such a disadvantage of the sycamore is the falling hairs from the leaves and fruits. These float in the air and can cause irritation of the conjunctiva and bronchi.


This photo is, one might say, a failure. I set the timer on the camera and wanted to take pictures handheld. I forgot about it and the shutter was also set a little differently than I would have liked. This is what came out of it.

Thank you

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