Which cities will pay you for moving?

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This is a rather interesting topic in the modern world, where big cities suffer from overpopulation and small villages are practically dying out.

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This trend has been observed in Ukraine for many years, and recently I saw some interesting information about the fight against population decline in Europe and the United States.
I want to share this interesting information with you.

  1. Harmony (USA) - the city authorities compensate new residents for the cost of moving, buying or building a house in the amount of $5,000 to $12,000;


  1. Molise Region (Italy) - the regional administration offers anyone - Italian or foreigner - who moves here to pay €700 per month for 3 years. However, there are two requirements: you must live in a village with a population of no more than 2000 people, and you must start your own business, but the industry is not limited by any framework;


  1. Albinen (Switzerland) is a Swiss village that offers financial assistance to any citizen or permanent resident of the country who decides to move here and buy, renovate or build a house: CHF 25,000 per adult, CHF 50,000 per couple and CHF 10,000 per child.



Source photo: https://34travel.me/post/za-pereezd-v-italiyu-obeshchayut-ezhemesyachno-platit-eu-700

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