Blurt Current Dynamic Global Properties Report June 11, 2024 10:24 AM

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Greetings, Blurt community! In this post, we'll be taking a closer look at the current dynamic global properties of the Blurt blockchain. These dynamic global properties provide valuable insights into the state of the network, including the latest block number, the current time, the total amount of Blurt in the vesting and reward funds, and much more.

As a decentralized social network powered by blockchain technology, Blurt is built on a foundation of transparency, security, and trust. The dynamic global properties of the Blurt blockchain are a key part of this foundation, enabling users to verify the current state of the network and track its progress over time.

In this report, we'll explore the various dynamic global properties of the Blurt blockchain, and examine what they can tell us about the health and vitality of the network. We'll also provide some context and analysis to help you understand what these properties mean, and how they relate to the broader ecosystem of Blurt users and stakeholders.

Whether you're a Blurt enthusiast, a blockchain developer, or simply curious about the inner workings of decentralized social networks, this report has something for you. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the current dynamic global properties of the Blurt blockchain!

  • Head block number: 40518236
  • Head block id: 026a425c4fd65928475a0ce0721a199b60319907
  • Time: 06/11/2024 10:24 AM
  • Current witness: eastmael
  • Current supply: 541349322.778 BLURT
  • Total vesting fund blurt: 324165071.326 BLURT
  • Total vesting shares: 294465746.144178 VESTS
  • Total reward fund blurt: 0.000 BLURT
  • Total reward shares2: 0
  • Pending rewarded vesting shares: 887736.030263 VESTS
  • Pending rewarded vesting blurt: 945939.226 BLURT
  • Maximum block size: 65536
  • Current aslot: 41426896
  • Recent slots filled: 340271981692777123674355651953681235967
  • Participation count: 124
  • Last irreversible block num: 40518221
  • Vote power reserve rate: 10
  • Delegation return period: 432000
  • Reverse auction seconds: 300
  • Available account subsidies: 157691079
  • Next maintenance time: 06/11/2024 10:57 AM
  • Last budget time: 06/11/2024 09:57 AM
  • Content reward percent: 6500
  • Vesting reward percent: 1500
  • Sps fund percent: 1000
  • Sps interval ledger: 228.480 BLURT

Funds generated by this report are intended to be used for development.

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