Dominion01 Community Curation 2/12/24

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Hello all Blurtians! Time to celebrate your awesome content.

Thanks for posting in my communities. I am excited to see such participation, and want to highlight quality content. I am currently voting on every post that makes it into one of my communities, and am also promoting them so everyone on the platform will know they exist. I wanted to highlight quality posts below:

Best of show:

@offgridlife in Bitcoin

@mostrorobot in Music

@chorock in Blurt Investing Comm


I am increasing my voting power continually, and will be adding several tens of thousands of Blurt Power this week. Expect to see more and more rewards, as this is only the beginning

Blurt on! Keep free speech and quality content alive by working hard on this platform.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thanks. You are building some excellent Communities here on Blurt. Well done.

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Thanks for your support and excellence in content.

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Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. Read my last posts to make sure that BLURT burning is profitable for you. Before using this bot please make sure your account has at least 100 BP. Get more BLURT:

@ mariuszkarowski/how-to-get-automatic-upvote-from-my-accounts

@ blurtbooster/blurt-booster-introduction-rules-and-guidelines-1699999662965

@ nalexadre/blurt-nexus-creating-an-affiliate-account-1700008765859

@ kryptodenno - win BLURT POWER delegation

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hey, thanks for the mention. You're doing a great job. I hope the platform grows more. successes for you!

Thank you for all your hard work & support.