The beauty of the residential views that I have photographed with a drone camera

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Hi friends, wherever you are, how are you today, I hope you are always in good health and can always carry out your daily activities as usual and best wishes to all of us who are in this very extraordinary community. On this occasion I will sharing with you some photography of natural landscapes or residential views that I photographed with a drone yesterday afternoon.

The beauty of natural scenery is always an attraction and healthy, I really like seeing extraordinary natural views and of course who would have thought that when looking from the top angle and it is very beautiful, you can see rows of houses which of course make me very impressed to take some photos. with my Drone camera, although the quality of my Drone is not very good, this is a very extraordinary view that I have captured today.

As for talking about taking or the device I used, namely a Drone device with the SDRT F22S Pro model and of course I took several photos at different angles in certain areas and some of the pictures I mean are those I prepared below, let's look at them together, I hope you like them. with the picture I showed.

NOTE : I write in Indonesian with the help of Google to translate to English

Camera UsedDrone
ModelSjRC F22s Pro
LocationAceh - Indonesia


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