Double Bottom Pattern is on Hive/Bitcoin Pair Chart

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There is double bottom pattern on Hive/Bitcoin pair chart. Hive/BTC pair is going down from the beginning of 2022. Nobody predicted that It would touch double bottom. 0,000000289 is the lowest level of Hive/Bitcoin pair. It may be time to see Hive/BTC pair in this level to convert your Bitcoin to Hive.

Hive is one of my major crypto to analyze altcoin market. Here you can see weekly chart of Hive/Bitcoin pair chart. There is great downtrend line on RSI Indicator. Even Hive tried to break up this resistance 4 times before, It could not.. It is at oversold level now. Downtrend line will be broken up until September. We may see entering altcoin season until this time. As I said, Hive is one of major crypto to analyze crypto market. It always showed crypto market trend to me..

If double bottom pattern works, We may see huge uptrend on Hive/Bitcoin pair chart. These levels are great discounted levels to pick up Hive. We may not see Hive price again in 0,20 USD.


Here you can see monthly chart of Hive/Bitcoin pair chart. If double pattern works, RSI Indicator breaks up the resistance, MACD Indicator may reverse from the bottom on monthly chart of Hive/Bitcoin pair chart. That means, we may enter long bullish trend for Hive and all of altcoins. Cash will flow from Bitcoin to altcoins.

Weekly and monthly chart shows us the bottom of Hive price. As I said It may be great chance to pick Hive and altcoins.


I started to share Hive price discounted analysis. Hive is great level to pick up. When I look Hive price charts, all of them show me the bottom. It may be great time and level to pick up Hive.

Even most of investors lost their belief, I try to share Hive price charts and hopes.

We will see..

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