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I have mentioned my interest in photography many times before. Every week I share a variety of photography posts that I take, featuring different types of natural beauty and objects. Photography is a special part of my hobby. Whenever I go somewhere, I take a camera and take a lot of pictures. If you can do photography, your mind will be better. In today's post I'm sharing seven special types of photography I've taken on recent trips. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

The picture I am sharing is a picture of some wildflowers. I don't know the exact name of these flowers, but they are quite common in fallow land. I photographed this flower while visiting Mukutmanipur. These flowers came to my attention while roaming there. Although I have not seen any special use of these flowers, but their beauty fascinated me. Although these are not real foliage, but artificial foliage. At first it looked like they were real leafhoppers. A few days ago I went to a cafe and saw these plants. At first it looks real, but later I realize that they are artificial. But they looked so beautiful that I had to take pictures.

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The third picture has a picture of an unknown tree. I don't know the name of this tree. These trees were planted in a land some distance from our house. The trees looked a bit unfamiliar to me, so I took pictures. If anyone knows the name of this tree, please let me know in the comments. Here you can see a red flower. The name of the flower is "Fast Love Red Flower". I didn't know the name of this flower at first, I found it by searching on Google. I photographed this flower while visiting a nursery in Barasat. The flowers look great when they bloom together. Although it was a bit difficult to take a picture of this flower, but I tried to take a good picture.






This picture has bee and beehive scene. Such a scene is not always seen. Going to a place away from our area, I found this hive. With a lot of courage I went near it and took a picture. Usually the bees attack when approaching a hive like this, but I luckily survived. Nayantara flower is in this picture. This flower is known to all of us. This flower is commonly seen when traveling to different places. Wherever I look, I take pictures of this flower. Different colors of Nayantara flowers are seen, which fascinates me. I took pictures of pink Nayantara flowers from a nursery in Barasat.



Here you can see a beautiful natural scene. A small river, in whose water white lotus blossoms. I took this scene in a village near Santiniketan. The combination of the clarity of the water of the river and the white color of the lotus flowers fascinated me. The last picture of this post shows the ruins of an old house. The age of the house will be about 100 years. According to local people, it was a zamindar house. When I visited the place, seeing the broken parts of the house made me feel a little sad. But I captured it in my camera as a piece of history. I hope you like these photographs of mine. Every picture has a story behind it, which is special to me. If you want to see more such pictures, then comment.

All pictures taken with Iphone 14 pro

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