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Inews.zoombangla.com Report: Science and Technology Desk:

Good news for iPhone users. Apple has informed that how many years software updates will be available on the iPhone. This announcement is expected to benefit many iPhone users.

According to Apple, iPhone 15 series phones will get software update support for at least five years. Apple's announcement will benefit iPhone users. Until now, software update support has been provided for many years from iPhone to Android phones.

Samsung and Google offer seven years of software updates for their premium smartphones. However, Samsung does not offer software updates for seven years on all smart phones. Earlier, for many days, Samsung used to give updates to phones. But recently there has been some change in that rule. Now many phone manufacturers, including Samsung, have started limiting software updates.

The question arises, why Apple has to announce their new decision. It is known that recently a new rule has been issued in Britain. This is why Apple has to inform, for how many years the benefit of software updates will be available on the iPhone. Note that the iPhone 15 series will be released on September 22, 2023. However, Apple did not say anything about software update support before this. This is the first time this has been reported.https://inews.zoombangla.com/good-news-for-iphone-users-2/Source


I hope iPhone users will like this report! Blessed.

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