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Free 20 Blurt for Every Blurt User - Claim Now

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A lot of nonsense text in this post... rubs eyes
So all I have to do is give some random people my private key, make a spammy comment, and you'll give me (and yourself) 20 BLURT (11 cents) next week?
Wow.... tempting...

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Well. I appreciate your concerns.

Please read following points 🙏

  1. - It is part of
  2. About Posting Key - I wish there was other way of allowing user to log-in on-mobile, but unfortunately there isn't. PWA is a mobile-app. That's what I've highlighted in the post as well. PWA = Progressive-web-app.
  3. I am trying to promote the app which I've built for Blurt users.
  4. I am a Blurt witness.
  5. I've been building Blurt-app for over 9 months.
  6. With this, even though, user may make spammy content, with that - they will be educated on how to use the blurt-mobile app.
  7. I am an active curator & daily curating, motivating most of the content creators on blurt.

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