Crypto News - 2023-11-20

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Maximum Swap Amount so far Steem2ETH

Steem2ETH Swap Tool has a large amount of swap today, thanks @pennsif.witness for using this tool!


BTC continues soaring

BTC continues to soar - despite that I sold my BTC at 35K - Sad :( and FEMO.


Microsoft hires Sam Altman

Microsoft hires former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, and the stock bounces a little bit.


Microsoft now has a 2.81T Market Cap (USD)


PR approved and merged

My PR of adding support of rc_api.find_rc_accounts has been approved and merged by @ety001 so expect a new update of steemjs in a near future!

Steem to the Moon🚀!

  • You can swap the STEEM/SBD to ETH Ethereum via steem2eth!
  • You can swap the STEEM/SBD to Tether USDT (TRC-20) via steem2usdt!
  • You can swap the STEEM/SBD to TRX (TRON) via steem2trx!
  • You can swap the STEEM/SBD to BTS (BitShares) via steem2bts!
  • Register a free STEEM account at SteemYY!
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