RE: Some nice powerups and a happy Sunday to you all! 🌞

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Some nice powerups and a happy Sunday to you all! 🌞

in blurt •  4 months ago 

Wow! My Brother From Another Mother! One Million Blurt Power! Just like that!

Congratulations to you!

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Wow!! Yeah, it must feel incredible to add 500,000 BLURT in a single week!

As a top content-creator putting in several hours of effort every day, it takes me more than 10 years to generate 500,000 BP. It's hard to keep up! I'm happy for Tom, but would love to see Blurt's content-creators do well, too. That would look good to people thinking about joining, and help us grow this blockchain.


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It will grow! 👍🏆

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

From "Twitter"


To "Writter"


BLURT is on Par with a major revolution taking place.

Thanks so much bro! 👍🍀❤️