Coolness on the beach

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Hello dear friends all.
What I always hope for is that everyone is always in good health and always successful for all friends wherever you are.

On this very beautiful occasion, I will show you some pictures when I was sitting on the beach and this time I was sitting under a fir tree and of course the place is very cool.

And I took some pictures while I was sitting there and I also ordered coffee as I usually do while I was sitting relaxing with my friends and I also ordered a plate of rujak which is known on the beach.

So let's see below some of the pictures that I have taken in different positions so that when we see them it will cheer us all up.

So let's take a look at some pictures.

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WhatsApp Image 2023-08-12 at 16.40.54.jpeg

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WhatsApp Image 2023-08-12 at 16.40.53.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-12 at 16.40.52 (2).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-12 at 16.40.52 (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-12 at 16.40.52.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-12 at 16.40.51.jpeg

All of these pictures I took using a mobile camera.

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