Making Peace

in helloblurt •  2 months ago 


In our reading today, many of the Proverbs that we are looking into has to do with helping people to live together in peace and harmony.

Again,it's also important that we are reminded that the words in the book of psalms can be likened to a poetry that Contains wise sayings about that relates to our every day life on earth.we also need wisdom to understand and derive the meaning in it and also know how we can apply the wisdom derived from it in our current situation.

For example in verse 18,"casting lots" was mentioned as a means of settling disputes, but in today's world,we can now employ other methods of settling disputes.God has given each and every one of us a unique gifts, and it is this gifts if utalised well will make way for us an usher us before Kings.

In verse 15,21 ,22 we were told about the value of knowledge,how powerful the tongue is and also how good our life will be if we find a good wife.

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