Our Small Business: Raising Heritage Chicken

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Hi Blurtians! I just want to share our small business in the province raising heritage chicken like Rhode Island Red and Black Australorp. Heritage chickens refer to traditional breeds that have not been heavily modified for industrial production.


At first, it was only for our own consumption during the pandemic time. Then it gave us more than what we can consume so we decided to sell eggs to our neighbors. Eventually, we decided to reproduce more so we decided to buy our own incubator and produce more chicks and sell them to those who wanted to buy in our province.


Raising heritage chickens for selling eggs, chicks, and meat can be a rewarding and a profitable small business venture though it requires a lot of care and effort.



Here are some points to consider in starting this small business:

Market Demand - There is an increasing demand for locally sourced and ethically raised food products. Heritage chicken and their eggs are often considered to have a superior flavor compared to commercially raised alternatives. By targeting consumers who value quality and sustainability, you can tap into a niche market.

Breed Selection - Research different heritage chicken breeds available and choose the ones that best suit your business goals. Consider factors such as egg-laying ability, meat quality, temperament, and adaptability to your local climate. Popular heritage chicken breeds include Rhode Island Reds, Sussex, Plymouth Rocks, and Australorp.

Housing and Space Requirements - Provide suitable housing that allows for natural behaviors like foraging and dust bathing. Ensure adequate space for the number of chickens you plan to raise. A well-designed chicken coop with proper ventilation, nesting boxes, and roosting bars is essential for their health and productivity.

Marketing and Sales Channels - Develop a strong online presence through social media accounts, a website, or an online store. Participate in local farmer's markets, organic food festivals, or community events to promote your products. Establish relationships with local restaurants, co-ops, and grocery stores to expand your customer reach.

Animal Welfare and Sustainable Practices - Differentiate your business by emphasizing your commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Highlight the fact that heritage chickens are more resilient and self-sufficient compared to hybrid breeds and showcase your dedication to their well-being.

Remember, raising heritage chickens requires dedication, appropriate knowledge, and a passion for animal welfare. Starting small and gradually scaling up as demand grows is a wise approach. With strategic marketing and high-quality products, your small business in heritage chicken farming can thrive.

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