It's a con game and were being forced to play

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I do not have any loyalty or moral obligations towards any group that claims to have the right to rule me just because I am physically living on this planet. Doesn't matter where I am. Having "credentials" is not a legitimate proof of me joining their illusion and thus being a part of it. I don't "belong" to any "country" because "countries" do not and cannot legitimately exist without their superstition being real.

Being how their right to rule over me is non existent, for I do not an never will consent to being ruled over, their "ruling" is just plain simple tyranny. Again, I am not saying a ruling class doesn't exist, I recognize that their assumed belief that they have the right to do so is as real as tooth fairies.

So if you want to call me an alien because I "am from a different country", I will simply ignore that comment for it is not based on anything that can be proven. You can bring all the paperwork you want, but it doesn't prove beyond a shred of doubt, that your soul belongs to a specific "country".

They can't revoke ze citizenship papers because they never belonged to you in the first place. The fictitious "State" owned it, or better yet, the central bank of "your" "country" owned it. So you see, you never had anything to lose.

To use their own "laws", any property that is not claimed will be claimed by the state after x amount of time. You can check with your own "state" where you live to see how much time that really is. In Arkansas for example is 5 years after it has been claimed to be lost property.

When you materialize a name onto paper, it is now property and owned by you, if you can keep it. When you give it away to the general in the form of a binding CON|tract in the form of a certi|ficate, you are giving away that property. And what will be assumed thereafter, is that whoever claims to be the "NAME" in the "BIRTH CERTIFICATE" will belong to the owner of that certificate. In this case the central bank and the "government" will be the whipping boy to carry out punishments for that slave.




Think about where a name comes from. It doesn't come from ink on paper. Where was it originally before it became written? Before it was spoken?

It is simply a make up of vibrations and energy that is then expressed outward from your vocals then written down to be now a materialized property. A name can change when you want it to, not because you have to ask permission to change it.

Laws are nothing more than words on paper. There is nothing to be afraid of. That is not to say either, that those who believe it to be anymore than that, will not use the threat of violence to get you to comply to those written demands. That is very real today.

It is your natural right (with no legal definition) to have the tools necessary to protect you and your loved ones from these bizarre dangerous bigot creatures of the night under the guise of "the justice system" when in your own private domain and in public.


Birth Certificates are today the CON|tracts that bind the claimed (you), to be the property of the "state" (mythical deity).

Only the Sovereign (People) as defined in the Preamble can claim the rights as described in the Bill of Rights. Citizen’s are under the jurisdiction of the United States, thus have no rights under the US constitution. The People are sovereign not the citizens. Eric WhoRU explains



It just may very be heading that way.


As the world distracts you with UFO sighting increase, because there is nothing "unidentified" about it. They know what they are and true purpose is. Don't be fooled. There is nothing new under the sun.

The epstein list is soon to be released written as graffiti on the walls hidden from public view from the main road.

And we can rest easy now everyone. The global elite are not in control.


Be prepared when the fascists come to your door to kill you.

Cheers everyone


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If we stop playing their games , we can one day be free .
And we can one day live a life of creation in peace .

Da Ni El .

Yes. Their power of control stops when the energy getting put into it, is too low for it to function.

The living batteries need only to unplug them|selves and learn to live with nature. Event|u|ally it will unplug them.

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